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As a nature-loving online sustainable clothing store, we want to encourage our community of shoppers to start and continue a mindful discussion about environmental issues and how we can work together towards global sustainability solutions. Keeping our Earth and its ecosystems healthy is the driving force behind SMART WOLF CLOTHING.


With our unique designs we hope to promote discussion on the environment, science and the importance of mindfulness. All our clothing is made from a combination of recycled organic cotton and plastic bottles to produce a truly unique product. We use 5, 1.5L Bottles to make a T-Shirt and as many as

16, 1.5L Bottles to make a hoodie.

Lets not forget packaging. All of our products are packaged in a 100% compostable mail bag.  We strive to re-use what others don't, keeping our company as environmentally friendly as possible. As well as this we are constantly searching for new Eco-friendly materials and processes as they emerge.

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